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Facilitating living systems: Part 1

Although at first this might seem like a diversion from the topic of education, I would like to share a passage I recently discovered in Oliver Sacks’ Hallucinations: “There is an increasing feeling among neuroscientists that self-organizing activity in vast populations of visual neurons is a prerequisite of visual perception- that this is how seeing begins… … Continue reading

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Encouraging S.T.E.M. and other vocational fields in schools

The recent spate of articles across the UK highlighting the need for more graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has highlighted a key point about educational reform that is often missed. Let’s call it socio-economic feedback; what is missing is communication between employers and students. I’m not talking here of those ‘graduate job fairs’ that … Continue reading

Educational Theory

Originally posted on Mobilizing Ideas:
By Gabriela Gonzalez-Vaillant and Michael Schwartz  Student movements have played a crucial role in many major social and political transformations, at least partially because of their unique social status. Students are young and relatively unencumbered; students as individuals inhabit a transitory identity that they will soon leave, usually without sticky…