At sixteen years old I hit a wall in my education. My school was not able to provide me with either the environment or curriculum that I craved for, and in response I left school, seeking to strike out on my own in a quest for a richer, fuller educational experience.

This radical decision has brought me several key experiences, beginning with the discovery of ‘participative’ education. My first foray into Deep Democracy at 17 and self-led learning at 18 paved the way for me to shape out my own curriculum over the period I otherwise would have spent on an undergraduate degree. From community activism to quantum physics, permaculture and land management to consciousness studies, each educational experience has brought me to a fuller understanding of our relationship to holistic learning.

This blog is an introduction and archive of my work as I explore how to create learning environments that facilitate the fullest development of students as human beings in a complex ecosystem.

You can find the blog of a recent project I was involved in in South Africa here.


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